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Last weekend Leipert Motorsport started to Chang International Circuit in Buriram (Thailand) to battle in the 2nd round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Series. The PRO-category car No #2 was driven by Ben Gersekowski / Rory Collingbourne and the Pro-AM car #33 went again on track with Mikko Eskelinen / Maxx Ebenal.

The Super Trofeo series is dedicated to creating the most thrilling race weekends for competitors around the globe. Thailand’s Buriram International Circuit is a perfect example, having been awarded top grades by the FIA, fitting with the beautiful backdrop of Thailand.



Race 1: The Thai heat was present throughout all sessions. Race one started at 1.40pm local time at Saturday. Track temperatures peaked midway through the race at a sizzling 55 degrees C.

Huracán #2 with Ben Gersekowski started from the 2nd row of the grid, pushed hard with amazing laptimes and handed over the wheel on P3 to Rory Collingbourne. The pitstopp was perfect, during his stint Rory showed a strong and constant performance and crossed the finish line on P3 in Pro-Class/P3 overall – gained important championship points and a podium.

Huracán #33 with Mikko Eskelinen at the wheel started from the 4th row of the grid. He showed a good speed and handed over the wheel to Maxx Ebenal who overtook a few cars in his stint and finished P3 in ProAm-Class with a podium and P8 overall.

Race 2: By 11.20am the race started on Sunday, track temperatures were already up into the 50 degree C, topping out at over 56, these were challengingly hot conditions for cars and drivers.

#2 starting driver Rory Collingbourne started the race from the 3rd row. Directly after the start a short safety car period followed. At the end of the period Rory gave his bull the spors, he showed a strong performance and could overtake during his stint 2 competitors. He handed over the wheel to Ben Gersekowski on P4 overall. The pitstop strategy and time was perfect, so Ben could enter the race on P2 overall. He pushed hard to get at the top but the gap between P2 and P1 was too big. At the end of this race he crossed the finish line on P2 in Pro-Class/P2 overall – again an amazing podium for the 2 driver of #2 who took over also the 2nd place in the championship ranking.

#33 starting driver Maxx Ebenal had not so much luck during the first laps of the race. He had a contact with another car in the first laps and tried to give his best with a bent track rod. He dropped back some places overall but didn’t give up handing over the wheel to Mikko Eskelinen. Mikko also tried his best to push the car with the handicap and crossed the finish line on P3 in ProAm-Class/ P11 overall. Beside the accidental damage the 2 ProAm-drivers could gained some important championship points as well as a podium in ProAm-Class again.

Teamchef Ingo Leipert: The second round of the Super Trofeo Asia gave us much pleasure.

After a fantastic weekend of racing in Thailand and the challenging track has certainly made the Buriram International Circuit a favorite to us. Ben Gersekowski and Rory Collingbourne are now on P 2 in the Pro-Class championship while Mikko and Maxx are 2nd in the Pro-Am rankings. We are really looking forward our next race in Suzuka / Japan.