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The 3rd race weekend of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Europe and Asia took place at the same time. The weekend was a success for team and drivers on both continents.

Leipert Motorsport started with Huracán #2 Jan Kisiel/Morgan Haber and #26 Niels Lagrange/Pieter Vanneste in the European Series at Paul Ricard Circuit and with #2 Ben Gersekowski/Rory Collingbourne and #33 Mikko Eskelinen/Maxx Ebenal in the Asian Series at Suzuka Circuit.


Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europa - Paul Ricard:

First race at Saturday started under hot weather conditions. Morgan Haber in the #2 started from 10th position. After a very good and constant stint he handed over the wheel to Jan Kisiel in position 8. Due to a blocked pitlane #2 came out on track with a few seconds delay, losing 3 positions. Kisiel started a great catch-up, overtook 6 cars and crossed the checkered flag on position 5 in Pro class and overall.

Niels Lagrange in the Chrisal #26 started the race from position 14, 4th in class. He could overtake during his stint some rivals and handed over the wheel to Pieter Vanneste on 7th position overall and 1st in class. Vanneste fighted hard and kept the position until the last lap where it came to a collison with another car. He dropped back one position due to the contact and finished on a great 2nd place in class ProAm.

Second race at Sunday: Jan Kisiel in #2 started the race from 7th position. In his stint he had a long-time duel with a car in front. Shortly before pitstop he could overtake his rival and handed over the car on position 5 to Morgan Haber. Haber was able to defend the position during his stint and the #2 crossed the finish line again on P5 Pro class and overall.

Pieter Vanneste in the Chrisal #26 started the race from position 15 overall. In the first lap it came to a contact with another car which resulted in a spin for both of them. He dropped back to end of the field. Niels Lagrange took over the wheel and started again an amazing catch-up. He crossed the finish line on P13. Because of a time penalty for the collision #26 was counted on P18.


Team manager Marcel Leipert:The Paul Ricard weekend had shown us that drivers and team work efficient together. There was a very good development throughout the sessions. We could gain again some important championship points that give us the option to fight for a class podium in the championship. We are looking forward to the next race at the Ardennes Rollercoster at Spa-Francorchamps.“


Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia – Suzuka:

Ben Gersekowksi in #2 started the first race on Saturday on position 5. He pleased the Japanese crowd with a spectacular drive and handed over the wheel on P4. Rory Collingbourne proceeded with the drive, fighted hard and crossed the finish line on P3 in Pro Class and overall.

#33 with Mikko Eskelinen/Maxx Ebenal had no luck because of gearbox problems during the first race.

Second race on Sunday started under safety car conditions because of heavy rain. Rory Collingbourne on the #2 started from P5 and handed over the wheel after a really good stint under extrem weather conditions on P4 to Ben Gersekowski. Gersekowski, who suffered an infect during the weekend, drove hard but the distance to the car ahead was too big, #2 finished on P5 in Pro class and overall.

Mikko Eskelinen with #33 started the wet race on P10. After some amazing rain duels he lost a place and handed over the wheel to Maxx Ebenal on P11. Maxx went with #33 as a hot knife through the butter and crossed the finish line on P3 in ProAm class.


Team manager Ingo Leipert:

"We are very proud of the podiums from Mikko, Maxx, Ben and Rory. They had shown a perfect performance. Now we look forward to the next race in Fuji.“