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Last week Leipert Motorsport started to Fuji Speedway – the lovely race track at the foot of Mount Fuji in Oyama/Japan - to battle in the 4th round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Series. The PRO-category car #2 was driven by Ben Gersekowski / Rory Collingbourne and the Pro-AM car #33 went again on track with Mikko Eskelinen / Maxx Ebenal.

The weather conditions with fog and rain were not so great. Nevertheless the four drivers could gain again some important championship points and at the Sunday race a podium.


Race 1:

Huracán #2 with Ben Gersekowski started from the 4th row of the grid. He managed the start very well, could overtake some cars and handed over the wheel on P6 to Rory Collingbourne. Rory has shown also a strong and constant performance by overtaking some competitors. Because of a drive through penalty he lost places and crossed the finish line on P5 in Pro-Class/P8 overall.

Huracán #33 with Mikko Eskelinen at the wheel started from the 6th row of the grid. During his stint, he had some problems with the brake pressure and handed over the wheel to Maxx Ebenal on P12. Then, in Maxxs stint, the brake pressure went completely down so that he had to pit for repairing the brake pipe.  Because of the additional pit stop he finished P4 in ProAm-Class / P19 overall.

Race 2:

#2 starting driver Rory Collingbourne started the race from the 3rd row. During the start procedure, he had a collision with another car and throw back a lot of places. Although Rory gave his bull the spores, he handed over the wheel to Ben Gersekowski on P12 overall. Ben pushed hard and could overtake during his stint 6 cars. At the end of the race he crossed the finish line on P5 in Pro-Class/P6 overall.

#33 starting driver Maxx Ebenal, who started from the 4th row, had also a collision during the start procedure.  He dropped back some places – and started a really amazing race to catch up. He drove his bull like a hot knife through butter and could handover the wheel to Mikko Eskelinen as leader. Mikko fought on the front line with various Pro-Drivers and crossed the finish line on P2 in ProAm-Class/P7 overall. The team was amazed about the podium.

Team manager Ingo Leipert: The fourth round of the Super Trofeo Asia had some ups and downs.

Nevertheless, we could gain again some important championship points. Ben Gersekowski and Rory Collingbourne are now on P 3 in the Pro-Class championship while Mikko and Maxx are 2nd in the Pro-Am rankings. We are really looking forward to our next race in Shanghai/China.