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The prestigious 24-hour race in Dubai (UAE) was excellently performed by the Leipert Motorsport team. At the first endurance race of the season, the team once again celebrated the SPX class victory with a strong driver quintet in the Arabian desert.



Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Monday, 14.01.2019

For the German team Leipert Motorsport, supported by Motul Germany, the 2019 motorsport season began for the fourteenth time in a row with the 24-hour race in Dubai on the 5.377 kilometre Dubai Autodrome. With Frederik Schandorff (Denmark), Harald Schlotter (Germany), Marcus Paverud (Norway), Jake Rattenbury (Wales) and Khaled Al Mudhaf (Kuwait) a promising driver quintet was put together.

Frederik Schandorff took pole position

About 6,500 kilometres away from their headquater Wegberg, the squad started into qualifying on Thursday. The performance of the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO, well prepared by the team, made itself felt promptly. And the qualifying driver himself also presented his skills: Frederik Schandorff started and took pole position in the SPX class (18th overall) for the endurance race.


With a five laps lead to class victory

Friday noon was the first time in the new season that the motto was: "Drivers, start your engines". That didn't have to be said to Jake Rattenbury twice. The start driver from Leipert Motorsport defended his leading position perfectly. The Lamborghini also showed its best side and ran like clockwork. During the first quarter of the race it became exciting at the front: Again and again there was a new class leader. At the latest after the fifth hour of the race it was clear that there was no getting past the Leipert Motorsport Lamborghini #710. The driver quintet confidently defended their first position. The driver changes went without problems and both - car and driver - came through the race without any problems. When the chequered flag was waved at the end of the 24 hours, Harald Schlotter crossed the finish line as the final driver, five laps ahead of the runner-up.

Cheered with joy, the team and drivers collected the trophies of the SPX classification. A successful start into the motorsport season 2019!

With the first victory in their pocket, Leipert Motorsport travels back home to Wegberg to prepare the Lamborghini for the upcoming events in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East (Dubai & Abu Dhabi in February 2019).