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Last weekend Circuit Park Zandvoort invited the ADAC GT4 Germany to the half time of the season. Although the track is a challenge even for experienced racers, the two juniors Luci Trefz and Morgan Haber mastered the challenge very well. The two Mini Mamba drivers placed themselves twice in the top 5 ranks of the Silver classification.


Wegberg, Germany - Monday 12.08.2019

The two Leipert Motorsport permanent drivers in the ADAC GT4 Germany, Luci Trefz (17, Germany) and Morgan Haber (25, Australia), mastered the challenge of the 4.320-kilometre race track with his 15 corners with an excellent performance. The Mini-Mamba - the Mercedes-AMG GT4 entered by Leipert Motorsport - was heating over the asphalt despite stormy North Sea winds.

Despite Pistop penalty fifth place in the Silver class - the race Saturday

Luci Trefz started the first qualifying. Because of his racing commitment in the partner series GT4 European Series, the 17-year-old already knew the circuit. Only a few laps later, he set his personal best time, which resulted in fourth place on the Silver Class grid. Starting signal on Saturday: A short touch catapulted the junior back to tenth place. Quickly Luci fought his way back to the front and came into the pits in eighth position for the driver change. When his teammate Morgan Haber took over the wheel, he went back on the track in sixth place overall. Due to a pitstop penalty, however, the two were only classified as ninth overall - fifth place in the Silver classification.

Second top-5 result in Sunday race

In qualifying two Morgan Haber reached the tenth starting position and started the race from row five. A difficult task on the narrow track. This quickly became clear in the second race on Sunday afternoon as well. Again and again the Australian was involved in duels, in which he often had to put back. When the driver change was about to take place, he handed over the Mini-Mamba to Trefz in eleventh place. He started right away to the front and was not to be stopped. He confidently mastered attacks of all kinds and finally crossed the finish line in sixth place overall and again fifth in the Silver classification.

Luci Trefz and Morgan Haber are not to be underestimated in the ADAC GT4 Germany.  Both young drivers show a constantly growing potential - not least thanks to the assistance of Leipert Motorsport, supported by MOTUL, which provides advice and help with its experience.

The next race event is also just about to start: Next weekend both juniors will once again prove their skills at the seventh and eighth races at the Nürburgring (16.-18.08.2019).