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The GT4 European Series season 2019 is finished and Leipert Motorsport has successfully registered in the history books! Together with the two youngsters Luci Trefz and Marcus Paverud the team from Wegberg secured the Championship title 2019 of the ProAm class. In the Silver class, Leipert Motorsport took vice-champion position with Jan Kisiel and Max Koebolt.


Wegberg, Germany - Monday, 02 September 2019

The chequered flag is down and the championship is decided! A thrilling GT4 European Series season came to an end last weekend. The two thrilling races turned Leipert Motorsport into the Champion of the ProAm and Vice-Champion in the Silver classification. The renowned Leipert Motorsport team has again proven how to win a championship with team spirit, passion and stamina.

Constance in Saturday's race - Mini Mamba on the podium

The nervousness increased immensely this weekend and if you had put a heart rate monitor on the mechanics, the team boss and the drivers, it would have shown immensely increased values. No spin and no failure - that was the motto of these days.  Bring the Mini-Mamba safely to the finish and take as many points as possible with you. Snake tamer Luci Trefz was the first driver to get into the AMG. In the starting tumult he was thrown back to rank 20 in the first race. He pushed back to 16th place and handed over to Marcus Paverud, who fought his way up to twelfth place.  In the end, the Mini-Mamba-Duo finished second in the PRO/AM ranking and celebrated their first success.

In the sister Mercedes-AMG GT4 Jan Kisiel and Max Koebolt fought for the championship title in the Silver Ranking. Max Koebolt was also taken by surprise by the turmoil at the start and lost three positions at the beginning before he handed over to Kisiel after the half race distance. Kisiel pushed hard and crossed the finish line as ninth overall.  After this race they were leading with two points!

With third place to the Championship title - Vice-title in the Silver-ranking!

On Sunday, for the last time in this European GT4 season, it was time for "Gentlemen, start the engines". For the last time the lights switched to green. Now it was all about everything. Marcus Paverud in the yellow-green Mini-Mamba struggled at first. He didn't want to take any chances and he wanted to take points. On twelfth place he handed over to Trefz, who crossed the finish line as eleventh overall and third in the PRO/AM ranking and made the championship complete. Crossing the finish-line was enthusiastically cheered by the team. This season they had worked so hard and fought again and again. A Grand Finale!

Kisiel and Koebolt also fought bravely in the second race and wanted to win the championship title in the Silver Ranking. From 13th place they moved up to seventh place and crossed the finish line just a few seconds behind the new Silver champions. With the same number of points as the other driver-pairing they are ranked first. But when it comes to the number of wins in the season, they end up in runner-up position. Vice-champions after a hard season! They fought hard. Chapeau to both of them!

A successful GT4 European Series season

The GT4 European Series season came to an end with the race weekend at the Nürburgring. A successful result for Leipert Motorsport! Championship title, vice champion and team champion in one! This is a season that the team supported by MOTUL won't forget soon!  In the end, one thing is clear: hard work pays off!