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From 27th to 30th August 2010, the sixth championship weekend of the ADAC GT Masters tournament was held at the Nurburgring where 23 racing cars started races 11 and 12 of the “League of the dream racing cars” as part of the FIA GT1 World Championships.But before, team rhino’s Leipert first had to overcome a few problems since they had suffered an engine failure at the Lausitzring. During the last 10 days before the races at the Nurburgring, the team had excelled organizationally in order to fix the engine of the “exotic” Ascari KZ1R GT3. With the help of engine manufacturer Judd Engine Developments from England and great commitment of some specialists, “Mission Nurburgring” had been completed successfully after several nightshifts – just in time for drivers Norman Knop from Willich and Roland Rehfeld from Berlin to take part in the free practice on this traditional racing circuit on Thursday afternoon.Both sessions on Thursday were used for set-up works. During the following qualifying on Friday, Norman Knop finished 9th and Roland Rehfeld finished 17th for both races. The Nurburgring doesn’t seem to be one of the favourite circuits of the Ascari GT3, because certain “problems” with competitors on the race track which led to this average qualifying result came up during qualifying already.Race 11 started on Saturday at 12 o’clock sharp. Right after the start, first driver Norman Knop immediately had raced forward from 9th to 7th position when an Audi R8 hit the back tyre that faces the inner bend whilst Knop was breaking in the first bend so Knop needed all his might to keep the car on track. Two sections later, he couldn’t prevent the car from spinning as the result of a duel, so the Ascari finished last in 23rd place. During the following rounds, Knop raced courageously and gained 9 places (position 14) to hand over the car to Roland Rehfeld from Berlin at half-time. The latter then continued the race and powered forward into a well deserved 7th place after some spectacular duels. The Ascari drivers and their team were rewarded by much applause from the spectators after this super race from position 23 to position 7.Race 12 started at noon on Sunday. The team felt strong after their success on Saturday and so they were ready for a good race and sure to win points from starting position 17. Unfortunately though, some competitors “intervened”. They especially went for rhino’s Leipert Ascari and damaged its chassis. The justified booking of the culprits in form of a black/white flag unfortunately didn’t really help Rehfeld and Knop, and so a the truly battered Ascari rolled across the finish line in 11th place after a 60 minute racing distance.Ingo Leipert is convinced:”This weekend, we raced into the points on Saturday which really pleased us. After all the problems we have had to overcome between the Lausitzring and the Nurburgring, we can be quite contented with this weekend’s result. Those many bashes during the races threw us back a bit, but I guess this is part of the game if you don’t race among the pick of the bunch as we have done so far. We are sure that we can get back to our old strength for the end-of-season races at Oschersleben in order to fight for a podium position once again.”The end of season races of the ADAC GT Masters are held at Oschersleben during the first weekend in October and can be seen on Kabel 1 as usual on Saturday and Sunday at 12 o’clock. ADAC has confirmed that TV broadcast and live footage of the coming season 2011 is within the hands of commercial broadcaster Kabel 1. Furthermore, there will be 8 further events which probably take place in Germany (5 times) and once each in Holland, Belgium, and Austria. ADAC GT Masters racing dates 09–11 April Oschersleben (Germany) 
07–09 May Sachsenring (Germany)28–30 May Hockenheim (Germany)16–18 July Assen (NL) 13–15 August EuroSpeedway (Germany)27–29 August Nürburgring (Germany)01–03 October Oschersleben (Germany)