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Press release

Leipert Motorsport: Thrilling race weekend with 2 podiums

The 3rd race weekend of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Europe season 2015 started in Southern France at Circuit Paul Ricard. The starting grid was sensationelly full with 34 Lamborghini Huracán and Gallardo - incredible awesome.

Leipert Motorsport participated again with Huracán #2 Mikko Eskelinen/Kelvin Snoeks. On the 2nd Huracán #4 started again Isaac Tutumu, this time with the 21 years old Finn - Jesse Anttila. Already during the free practise the team could see that the driver pairing was a good decision.

The qualifying went well for both cars with brilliant blue skies and outside temperatures from about 30 degrees - very hard for drivers, cars and staff.

Race 1 started on Saturday, on time at 2.30pm. #2 with starting driver Kelvin Snoeks was able to push hard from grid position 12 overall and could make up some places. Also #4 with starting driver Jesse Anttila has shown a good performance in his first Lamborghini Huracán race. Good conditions for the second drivers after pitstop and driver change. Eskelinen and Tutumlu took the opportunities, pushed hard as their team-mates and #2 Eskelinen/Snoeks crossed the finish line on place 2 PAM-Class. #4 Tutumlu/Anttila arrived at place 6 PRO-Class. The team was very satisfied with the outcome.

Race 2 started on Sunday at 10.50am, again under clear blue sky and heat records. Inspired by the good results on Saturday # 2 Eskelinen and # 4 Tutumlu defended their positions, made up some places and delivered a perfect first stint. After pitstop and driver change # 2 Snoeks pushed hard and was able to overtake some rivals, so that #2 crossed the finish line - much to the delight of the team and his team mate Eskelinen - in position 2 PAM-Class.

Until a few seconds before the race end the second stint for #4 was extremely thrilling. Tutumlu handed over the car to Anttila on a perfect 5th place overall. Anttila utilized the strong position and moved up after a short time to 4th position. He drove faultlessly and fought until the last minute for the third place. The podium was within reach - the distance to the third placed car was only a split second. The third placed car and Jesse had to overtake an overlapped Gallardo just before the checkered flag. The overlapped Gallardo-driver was probably completely overstrained, he let the third placed car pass - our Huracán #4 was hit by the unfocused driver. #4 turned around and knocked - about 100 meters before the checkered flag - into the pit wall. Well, that was that!

Extremely frustrating for Jesse Anttila and his co-driver Isaac Tutumlu who gave everything in this thrilling race.

Team Owner Ingo Leipert: "We are very proud of the podiums from Mikko and Kelvin. The two drivers are leading now the championship of the PAM-Category. Isaac Tutumlu and Jesse Anttila have also shown a perfect performance. The podium was within reach. It's a shame. But now we look forward to the next  Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race on our home track - the Ardennes rollercoaster at Spa-Francorchamps.   The next race for the team is the participation in the 24h race Paul Ricard from 10 - 12 July, the first entry of a Lamborghini Huracán in a 24h race.


After races 13 and 14 of div. 2 of the ADAC Procar which were held on the TT circuit in Assen, Holland, team rhino's Leipert Motorsport and Nils Mierschke are ahead by a nose in the championships as Mierschke got first and second place in his Ford Fiesta ST.

Their start into the weekend was very exciting as they got best lap-times in both free practices. However, Mierschke had an engine failure during qualifying on Saturday. Since the team changed the engine, the German had to enter the race from behind as per rules and regulations. Still, Mierschke showed his skills and ploughed through the field in his Ford Fiesta ST and finished the 20 minute-race in second place. In the second race, which started some time later, he even came in first and secured his sixth victory this season.

Ingo Leipert, Team Manager of rhino's Leipert Motorsport, explained: "Nils did a great job and was able to get over the setback he'd suffered during qualifying. His development during this season is really remarkable. If he continues this strong performance in Hockenheim, he is bound to win the title."

Mierschke is now leading the table with 110 points and is 9 points ahead of his keenest competitor, Guido Thierfelder. 20 more points are to be gained during the last race of the season held at the Hockenheimring at the first weekend in October.

Team rhino's Leipert Motorsport and Nils Mierschke put themselves back at the top of the table during races 11 and 12 of the ADAC Procar Series which took place at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz. Mierschke secured victory in his Ford Fiesta ST during the first race in Div. 2 whilst finishing the second race in 3rd place thus taking over the lead in the total ranking in front of Guido Thierfelder. Another driver - Martin Löser - had his debut for team rhino's Leipert Motorsport. The race was part of a TV report of "Abenteuer Auto" broadcast on Kabel 1.

Mierschke was ahead by a nose during qualifying already and secured pole position in Div. 2 on Friday. He immediately took over the lead in the first race and kept it till the end which brought him another pole position for the second race during which he unfortunately lost cooling water and consequently fell behind on 3rd position which he was holding until the end of the race.

For Martin Löser, the racing weekend on the EuroSpeedway Lausitz marked the end of a long journey. The editor of "Abenteuer Auto" had undergone intensive training together with team rhino's Leipert Motorsport during which great importance was not only attached to driver skills but also to physical and mental strength. The race in the Lausitz marked the end of this training. Löser entered the first race from position 7, didn't let the competitors put him under pressure and even managed to gain a position. All went even better during the second race where he overtook a further competitor and crossed the finish line in 5th place.

Team Manager of rhino's Leipert Motorsport, Ingo Leipert, explained: "Once again, Nils did a perfect job. His victory was fabulous, and also the third place due to technical defect was not bad at all. The most important thing is that we took over the lead of the table again. Martin was also sensational. These were his first 2 races ever, and he gave a very good performance."

The forthcoming two races will be held in Assen, Holland, from 16th to 18th September as part of the ADAC Masters Weekend.

Team rhino's Leipert Motorsport had good reasons to celebrate on Sunday evening at the Hockenheimring, because Nils Mierschke won two titles in his Ford Fiesta ST in Div. II of the ADAC Procar series – and that although this was his first season! In 2008 already, rhino's Leipert and Christopher Mies won the championship in Div. II of the ADAC Procar series, and in 2010, the team and Benedikt Boeckels were runner-up.

This season, Nils Mierschke and his rhino's Leipert Ford Fiesta ST showed the experienced Guido Thierfelder where second place is – with 5 points in the lead. Furthermore, Mierschke became Procar Rookie champion with 48.1 points ahead, and last but not least, the team won the team championship with a five point lead. So, this was an absolutely brilliant season!

In race 1, Mierschke held starting position 2. Shortly after the start, he took over the lead but had to let Thierfelder overtake only some time later; but Mierschke knew in both races that he only had to finish the race directly behind his keenest competitor for the title if he wanted to stay in the lead. Consequently, Mierschke did not take any unnecessary risks and finished a thrilling race in his Fiesta ST in second place which made him champion – a title he truly deserves.

Team Manager Ingo Leipert explained: "Nils has proven his worth over the entire season and has been one of the top drivers right from the start. Apart from one race, he has always had a podium position. Despite some problems before the race, he kept his cool. He is keen and has fully cooperated with our team and he really deserves the title! Of course, it is also wonderful to become team champion again. The titles are also a reward for our team as it was totally committed and guaranteed operations in 5 different championships (ADAC Procar, ATS F3 Cup, ADAC GT Masters, Blancpain Endurance Series, FIA GT3) with three different vehicle concepts, so, big thanks also to these boys!"